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It's not the life that matters; it's the courage you put into it.

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Great friends
By no means is this a list of ALL my great friends. It is a list of my great friends who do something that I think might serve you. May they help.

Dina Amsterdam
Dina's a friend I made while I lived in San Francisco, and Dina knows yoga. She also knows the inner-landscape as well as most people know the streets of their hometown. Learn to 'begin within' from her.
Alejandro Ariza
changing lives in Mexico. For many years now we've bonded over spirituality and the honorable profession of speaking. He's Mexico's top inspiring speaker and author. I know him to be a man born to speak and inspire.
Justin Boudreau
My neighbor, my Blitz-teammate, and a guy who's changing high school student's lives by teaching them what it means to be YOUnique. This guy's authenticity, passion and hilarity is rockin our youth.
Raw Courage
my-Kramer, if you will, barefoot, unbridled and out to change the world with his brave philosophy about life. Enter Raw Courage world at your own risk -- you will never be the same!
Gail Hand
My long-time friend Gail is doing what she was born to do: create and share laughter. She's even capped off her God-given ability to bring massive yuks to any place she goes by getting a credential made in heaven for her: CLL (Certified Laugh Leader). A speaker, a comedian, a writer and a joy.
Josh Hinds
Motivating/education thousands and thousands every day, day after day, month after month, year after year with his motivational newsletter and site. (And he does it all on the SIDE!)
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