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"Don't try to be a great person, just try to be a good person. And if you can succeed at being a good person, then you have found greatness."

-Don Heitkamp
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Patrick Combs
"The Best That I Could Do"
Stories by Patrick Combs
Ah, the stories we could tell
And if it all blows up and goes to Hell
I wish that we could sit apon a bed in some motel
And listen to the stories we could tell
- John Sebastian

These are stories from my life. The first story I wrote was my $95,000 story. I wrote it as a matter of self-defense, (to protect myself from a mad-bank), and finishing it took a long, but I was hooked and kept writing up other stories. I intend these stories to be nothing more than my own journal of times I never want to forget. But I post them publicly in case you find at least one of them to be time well spent.

I deposited a junk mail check for $95,035.35 into an ATM and to my surprise it cashed..
New story
How far to New York?
My mom handed me photos of myself as a kid...
An "energetic healing"
Three strange days
48-hour conversation with the Soul of the World
Sprinkled with magic dust
Dream car for cheap in Mexico
A whale larger than the Statue of Liberty...
Jumping trains
Book cover wars
The most fun I had all year...
My hero, Spalding Gray, made me look like a fool
Twenty-two weeks in the desert w/out a canteen
Delivering a baby on my way to work...
Not a great speaking experience
Hot women don't dig my hidden-camera glasses.
Colliding with Marcus Allen
The neighbors in East Texas had a lion..
Speeding straight over a Colorado mountain...
Determined to out-race Eric Martin..
$100 says I can get your attention
1986 in San Francisco
Bowling Chicago Bulls-style
Dream House Part I
"Do you want to meet THE President?"
Simply the worst speech of my life...
Magic carpet ride to O'Hare
Forgetting my equipment
Rock-n-roll kicks ass...
Speech overboard!
Giving me the hook in Louisville...
Shopping for bad service in the Mall of America
Guesting on a talk show
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